Customize your AI augmented Intelligence Process Automation

Predictly understands how important it is to automate the processes in a business and Predictly is here to help businesses in implementing machine learning with no hassle, which reduces costs and optimizes the overall productivity.

How AI makes process automation easy

Predictly ML Ops Platform

Why should you use Predictly ML Ops?

A completely managed platform to deploy machine learning models on Cloud or on premise with minimum setup.

All deployed models went through rigorous testing to achieve best metric performance and make it work under real world conditions.

An optimized flow of machine learning operations to achieve the best performance in minimum time and less turbulence.

Predictly ML OPS committed to protect its user data and it’s intellectual property with utmost priority.

We accelerate the automation process with our Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning enabled Hyper Automation platform.

How you can leverage our platform

Off-the shelf
trained models

Explore our off-the shelf already trained model with pre-annotated datasets. Which offers a wide range of applications like Legal clause classification, Resume entity recognition and many more.

Customized inference

You have your own business requirements and use case to solve, We are happy to provide you the customized Machine learning model in an REST API form.

Fully customizable
end-to-end ML solution

Predictly offers you to solve your entire business problem/use case with Machine learning and deploy it as an application.

Use Predictly hyper automation for NLP and CV applications

Natural language processing

Computer Vision

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