Predictly, Catalogue has a wide range of datasets, pre-trained models and multiple solution pipelines which can be used through APIs to integrate in your existing process and enables quick deployment strategy.

Yes, for each and every hosted catalogue product has a customizable option as per your requirement.

Data Annotation

Yes, Your data is completely safe with Predictly. Predictly runs it’s annotation process completely on cloud and has multiple security mechanisms which helps in protecting your data while annotations are going by annotators.

For readily available datasets you can directly download those after made the payment and for the customized datasets we are offering multiple ways to consume the datasets like storing at your cloud provider directly, Uploading the dataset to your server after annotation, REST API etc.

Yes, Predictly do offer data annotation on your custom data.


Predictly offers three solutions for every type of audience. The first one is to provide data annotation service where you can get your data annotated with our Data Annotation Platform, the second one is to provide the complete machine learning solution which helps in building the entire ML pipeline for you and that last one is our Catalogue where we are hosting hundreds of datasets, models and solutions which are ready to use with fully customizable support.


You can use Predictly ML Ops output as an REST API, Containers like Docker or web app.

Predictly ML OPs is willing to offer the entire end-to-end machine learning solution with a deploy option at your premises. It helps in reducing the entire Machine learning workload for you and build an easily consumable output at your end.