Legal clause Dataset

Legal Clause Classification Dataset built from various sources like multiple contracts, online contract texts etc and Label them into 24 categories. The sole purpose of this dataset is to identify any given contract text into one of the Clause labels.

Resume NER Dataset

By using Natural Language Processing techniques, we can create a system to automate the process. If we want to build an accurate and effective model, we need a proper Resume Named Entity Recognition annotated dataset.

Car Model and Brand Detection

Car brand and model detection is a computer vision-based system that can provide incredible value while doing car monitoring and detection. The need become prevalent in recent years due to the increase in security awareness for access control systems

Face Mask Detection

Face mask detection dataset is created by collecting several images of people who are not wearing masks, wearing masks of different masks by extracting them from different sources or machines (cameras) of different resolutions.

Healthcare PPE KIT detection

We extracted images of healthcare staff for detecting safety things such as goggles, PPE, vest, Etc. First, we extract all these images by extracting them from different sources, such as social media platforms and machines (cameras) of different resolutions.

Industrial PPE KIT Detection

we extract images of Industrial workers for detecting safety things Then our annotation teams annotated the extracted images with correct label kinds such as masks, no mask, and not wearing them correctly, goggles, PPE kit, helmets, etc.