Make your data engineering process easy and robust

Counter 80% of your data related work with our easily integrable data processing solution, to speed up the entire machine learning process.

Data Processing API

A single unified data processing API

Predictly offers a unified API solution to fulfill the need of completing entire data. processing pipeline Extract, transform and load data from multiple sources with a single API call.

Zero config setup to transform your data

Set up the entire data processing pipeline work with 0 config. You don’t have to worry about any external dependencies or cloud setup. We fulfill your needs and provide you with fully customized API which can run on your desired platform seamlessly

Data Processing and beyond

Our API not only offers the core data processing functionalities, it also provides you data analysis, data annotation and much more.


Easy to set up

Get your data pipeline up and running in a few minutes with 0 config.

Zero maintenance

You don’t have to worry about maintaining the data pipeline anymore, Predictly data API manages all the maintenance behind the scenes.


Your data is fully integrated with various data sources and all processing happens automatically, you don’t have to worry about doing any data related work manually.

Data Annotation Service

Data Annotation Service

Want to get your data annotated, Explore Predictly’s Data Annotation Platform which offers the same powered by Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

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Data Security

We believe that protecting your data is the most important part of our service, and we ensure that our customer’s data runs in a fully secured environment with proper encryption configurations.

Predictly is committed to abide by the laws and regulations of your country’s data protection laws and regulations.

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