Automate the data pipeline with Predictly

Build the entire data lifecycle starting from data collection to annotation with Predictly’s all-in-one data annotation platform which offers a better and faster way to annotate your data at ease.

Predictly’s AI assisted data annotation platform

(end-to-end workflow)

1. Data Collection and storage

Our platform’s data labeling starts with an analysis on the data available. If you don’t have data then don’t worry Predictly will help you to collect the right data. Predictly offers a wide range of data storage options to you.

2. Data Processing

Our data processing API helps you to process and clean the unstructured data and prepare it for the data annotation process.

3. Project setup and management

Once the data is ready, Our data annotation platform will create projects, assign annotators and track the progress automatically.

4. Data Labeling

Predictly offers both manual and automated way of annotation, to get the most of our platform we provide a human-in-loop annotation method which is based on Active learning.
A synchronization algorithm passes data points through multiple annotators to filter out mismatch labels.

5. Auto labeling in a loop

Auto labels allow users to annotate the data at scale. Our observation says auto labelling is 5x times faster than manual annotation.

6. Quality check

Predictly ensures the annotated data arrives at the user’s end with right labels that’s why we run a quality check method at the end to provide high quality and accurate annotated data.

Our platform Capabilities

Types of data annotation we offer

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision


How you can use our Data annotation platform?

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data security

Data security:

We believe that protecting your data is the most important part of our service, and we ensure that our customer’s data runs in a fully secured environment with proper encryption configurations.

Predictly is committed to abide by the laws and regulations of your country’s data protection laws and regulations.

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