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How Does It Work?

Data Collection/Storage

Our platform’s data labeling starts with an analysis on the data available. If you don’t have data then don’t worry Predictly will help you to collect the right data and annotate it for you.

Data Processing

Our data processing API helps you to process and clean the unstructured data and prepare it for the data annotation process.

Project setup and management

Once the data is ready, Our data annotation platform will create projects, assign annotators and track the progress automatically.

Data Labeling

Our well trained annotation team will start annotating an initial batch of data. The manual annotation process works in such a way that it keeps checking data points multiple times to have the right label assigned to it.

Iterative semi-auto data labeling

Predictly’s Active learning API allows to train a model on demand and keep it improving in a loop with the manual annotation process.

Quality Check

Predictly runs a Quality Check at the end to have the accurate dataset ready before handing over to the client.

Why Predictly’s Data Annotation Platform?

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