Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the approach that helps organizations/businesses to improve relationships with existing customers and also helps to acquire new customers fastly.

Above is the basic definition of CRM. Let’s discuss this a little bit more. In a few years, back CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is just a term used to improve customer services. But in the modern era, CRM acts as the entire business strategy.

Improving the effective relationship with customers using the Customer Relationship Management System isn’t just a good goal. In today’s competitive world, CRM systems are like business imperative that want to stay ahead of the competition.

This entire CRM system will help any business without considering company size. This means it will provide benefits for small, medium, and large size companies to grow their business. CRM system is not a single method; instead, it is a strategy to improve any business goal’s entire life cycle.

We think at this stage many questions running in your head like

is a CRM system really need?

Can we manage or improve relationships with customers manually? If we are doing it in a traditional manner, what are the challenges we may face?

Can we enhance the whole process of CRM with today’s most trending technology – AI?

Are we right? Let’s discuss and explore all these things in this article; then, we can know how we can take our organization to the next level with CRM? Before going to discuss, let’s have a look at the table of content, then we can get an idea about what we will learn.

Table of Content :

  • What is the objective of the CRM systems?
  • Why do we need CRM systems?
  • How does an AI-based solution work in a biometric identification system?
  • Complete process
    • Data extraction
    • Data annotation
    • Data processing
    • Model development
    • Model inference & deployment

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