Legal Clause Classification

What is Legal Clause Classification? We often see hundreds of contracts or tenders coming up for review. In law firms, we usually come across many tenders, and their described contents, and the first thing we do is to identify from

Intent Classification dataset

The intent classification dataset is used for classifying the intention of a text/ sentence. In the intent classification dataset, every text/sentence of the dataset is associated with one or more corresponding intent labels. Details About intent classification dataset:- Input type                     

Car brand/model detection dataset

What is car brand detection? Car brand and model detection is a computer vision-based model/system that can provide incredible value while doing car monitoring/tracking and detection. Nowadays many industries use this kind of vehicle brand/ model detection such as transportation,

Resume NER

What is Resume NER? In every organization, the Human Resource (HR) team spends more time while doing resume screening. For a long time, recruiters have been screening hundreds of resumes manually. In this process, they go through every candidate’s resume

Vehicle damage Detection

What is the objective of vehicle damage detection? Vehicle damage detection is useful for detecting or finding the level of damage of a vehicle like a car, bike, truck, etc. we can know how much damage the car got in

Risk Management

What is the objective of Risk Management? The main objective or goal of risk management is to identify the possible issues before they happen. Risk management includes two stages of the process – the first one is what risks exist