Vehicle Detection & Counting System

What is the objective of the Vehicle Detection System? Vehicle detection and counting systems play an essential role in an intelligent transportation system, especially in the traffic management process. This vision-based system will monitor roads, then detect vehicle type and

Automated License Plate Recognition

What is the objective of License Plate Detection? License plate recognition, sometimes abbreviated to LPR, is a feature on some software that can detect, read, and store video of a vehicle’s license plate. Used fundamentally in traffic monitoring in parking

Mask detection

Companies need to continually improve their existing infrastructure and processes to be more efficient, safe, and usable for employees, customers, and the community. We know face masks can essentially reduce hazardous viruses’ transportation, but sometimes people neglect or forget to

BioMetrics Identification

In the digital era, security or data protection is one of the main concerns of any business. Every organization has recognized that data is a significant resource. Hence, companies deploy advanced security tools such as biometric identification systems to safeguard