BioMetrics Identification

In the digital era, security or data protection is one of the main concerns of any business. Every organization has recognized that data is a significant resource. Hence, companies deploy advanced security tools such as biometric identification systems to safeguard

Banking Products Recommendation system

What is the objective of the Banking Products Recommendation system? A recommender system or engine’s objective is to create important suggestions to list clients or customers for things or items that may interest them. For Example, Recommendations for songs on

Automated Contract/Tender Risk Analysis

Why Contract/Tender Risk Analysis?             Contract risk analysis is the process of figuring out the potential risks associated with the contracts and verifying whether the terms written in a contract are according to the rules of the playbook or not.

Augmented Surgery

What is the objective of Augmented Surgery? The objective of the augmented surgery is to enable practitioners or surgeons to incorporate data visualization into symptomatic and treatment schemes to improve work performance effectively, safety, and cost and to improve surgical

Workers safety things detection in industrial and construction sites

Companies necessitate to continuously upgrade their existing infrastructure and methods/rules to be more efficient and provide safety for employees. As the country begins to slowly reopen or restart their work from the COVID-19 lockdown, several people are going back to