AI For Retail: Top Challenges In The Retail And AI Solutions For 2022
AI In Retail: Top Retail Challenges And AI Solutions In 2022

The retail industry is an essential part of the world economy. “It can be categorized by different levels of service, and generally fall into one of the following sections. Discount department shops, wholesale organizations, supercenters, hyper marts, and so-called category

Visual Search in Retail: How does visual search show its impact to leverage Retail industry growth and customer experience?

Retail industries deal with both products and services. However, while products are consumed, services are experienced. This is the simple but important thing to understand for their customers to be a successful part of today’s retail world because the customer

E-commerce trends
Top Ecommerce Trends for 2022: Does AI Reshape Ecommerce?

The E-commerce and online retail sectors are growing, and as per expert prediction, they will keep increasing in the upcoming years. For example, 95% of purchases will facilitate by E-commerce by 2040. Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in the

AI For Retail: The Top Retail Trends In 2022

Each and every customer wants to buy something from their comfort place, and that is made possible through the internet. The digitally savvy consumer has changed the face of retail, and brands find themselves striving to adapt to this transformation.

Vehicle Detection & Counting System

What is the objective of the Vehicle Detection System? Vehicle detection and counting systems play an essential role in an intelligent transportation system, especially in the traffic management process. This vision-based system will monitor roads, then detect vehicle type and

Automated License Plate Recognition

What is the objective of License Plate Detection? License plate recognition, sometimes abbreviated to LPR, is a feature on some software that can detect, read, and store video of a vehicle’s license plate. Used fundamentally in traffic monitoring in parking

Resume screening

What is the objective of Resume screening? Resume or Candidate screening is the way toward auditing employment forms or job applications. Screening resumes are the way toward arranging resumes to discover qualified or disqualified candidates utilizing progressively more detailed resumes

Predicting Customer Behavior

What is the objective of Predicting Customer Behavior? Predicting customer behaviors’ main objective is to know user intentionality towards a particular product or service or category, based on interactions or transactions within a website. But to keep tracking the customers’

Patient Care ChatBot

What is the objective of Patient Care ChatBot? A patient care clinical chatbot encourages the activity of a medical care supplier and improves their presentation by collaborating with patients in a human-like way. These chatbots offer a customized way to

Multilingual Chatbots

Objective A multilingual chatbot maintains multiple languages to the customers/users throughout a live chat on the chatbot. A Multilingual Chatbot empowers businesses to discuss with users speaking various languages, improving engagement, and conversions. Traditional chatbot technology contains a limitation of