Automated License Plate Recognition

What is the objective of License Plate Detection? License plate recognition, sometimes abbreviated to LPR, is a feature on some software that can detect, read, and store video of a vehicle’s license plate. Used fundamentally in traffic monitoring in parking

Resume screening

What is the objective of Resume screening? Resume or Candidate screening is the way toward auditing employment forms or job applications. Screening resumes are the way toward arranging resumes to discover qualified or disqualified candidates utilizing progressively more detailed resumes

Predicting Customer Behavior

What is the objective of Predicting Customer Behavior? Predicting customer behaviors’ main objective is to know user intentionality towards a particular product or service or category, based on interactions or transactions within a website. But to keep tracking the customers’

Patient Care ChatBot

What is the objective of Patient Care ChatBot? A patient care clinical chatbot encourages the activity of a medical care supplier and improves their presentation by collaborating with patients in a human-like way. These chatbots offer a customized way to

Multilingual Chatbots

Objective A multilingual chatbot maintains multiple languages to the customers/users throughout a live chat on the chatbot. A Multilingual Chatbot empowers businesses to discuss with users speaking various languages, improving engagement, and conversions. Traditional chatbot technology contains a limitation of

Mask detection

Companies need to continually improve their existing infrastructure and processes to be more efficient, safe, and usable for employees, customers, and the community. We know face masks can essentially reduce hazardous viruses’ transportation, but sometimes people neglect or forget to

Market Intelligence

What is Market Intelligence?             Market intelligence is the information relevant to a company’s market – trends, competitor, and customer monitoring gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining strategy in areas such as

KYC Verification

Why KYC?                         For any financial company, it’s really important to verify the identity of their customer. Like for banks keeping the true information of their customers help them to prevent potential frauds and they can also identify money laundering.

Inquiry ChatBot

What is the objective of Inquiry ChatBot? Chatbot’s main objective is to reduce the repetitive task’s workload in a smoother way. And the second object can provide  24/7 customer service to clients. ChatBot is not only for customer inquiry purposes.

Due diligence

What is the objective of Due diligence? Due diligence is the way toward getting sufficient reliable information about the business entity to assist with revealing any reality, conditions, or set of conditions that would impact the business choice. Legal due