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Business processes are the circulatory system for businesses. Every enterprise wants to improve their process efficiency.


Businesses efficiency improvement is a must for continuity of businesses due to extreme competition or changes to marketplace & buyer behaviour. But business efficiency improvement that includes process automation comes at a huge cost which is many times unaffordable to businesses. People and technology can be beyond the reach of some of the businesses.


Predictly offers an easy to deploy solution to intelligently automate business processes by providing a variety of data and model assets along with a deployment platform that requires minimum change management.

Role of Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Automation enables you to seamlessly control your enterprise transformation by unifying process activities across front, middle and back-office, resulting in a new borderless, highly-automated and client-centric organisation.

Automation beyond RPA with AI/ML

RPA only provides specific rule based heuristic methods along with very simple ML models whereas utilizing a platform powered by AI completely for process automation delivers more accurate and scalable results.

Pyramid of Automation Maturity

Hyper Automation: A hybrid approach of automation where instead of using only one automation tool/platform, this approach uses multiple tools like RPA, AI/ML etc to make each possible process automated.

Digital Process Automation: This is the first level of automation where using external tools/platforms we automate the process as a whole but still the way it is being automated is not automated itself.

Intelligent Process automation: Automation enabled by AI/ML algorithms, instead of writing custom rules for automation this lets the algorithm learn the pattern from the data and using that pattern it tries to automate future processes.

Semi automated Process: This is where a part of the entire process is automated which does not have much difference with manual process.

Build Your Customized Intelligent AI Augmented Automation

with Predictly

Data Annotation Platform

Predictly offers an end-to-end data pipeline primarily focusing on data annotation with its state of the art active learning based annotation method. Get high quality annotated datasets along with all data processing services at your fingertips.

ML Ops Platform

Predictly ML Ops offering helps you to integrate AI/ML powered algorithms into your business use case to make the automation process more efficient and faster with significant cost reduction. A platform which covers all the steps of ML life cycle and deploy ML enabled products at scale.



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Create your own customized automation process Today

Create your own customized automation process Today

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