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  • AI Transformation Made Easy By Predictly

    AI transformation made easy with Predictly. Predictly understands to build the business solution for tomorrow you need intelligence and adaptability. Predictly helps businesses to leverage the power of machine learning with its data and ML Ops platform, which creates a lot more opportunity than ever before.

  • AI In Legal

    80-90% time saving on contract review with guaranteed 30% cost reduction

  • AI In Telecommunication

    AI has a significant impact on the Telecommunication industry as based on Harvard research 73% of business leaders and executives confirmed its value in recent years.

  • AI In Banking

    Increase fraud detection rate by 25% with 90% cost reduction by using machine learning powered algorithms at scale.

  • AI In Healthcare

    Analyze medical reports faster with 80% reduction in time and 100% accuracy

Leverage Potential of AI

Today every company realizes the potential of AI technologies in each and every use case. You should act fast to leverage the true potential of AI technologies and grow your business to a different level.

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How AI Can Help Your Business?

Deeper Business Insights

Enhanced Customer Experience

Helps Incorporating automation

Improve Business Efficiency

Who can use it?

Big Business

  • We provide end-to-end process for businesses who wants to leverages the power of AI and build a customer centric solution
  • Predictly helps businesses to prepare the entire roadmap of transforming their business into a digitally advanced one with it’s unique services like Data annotation and ML Ops platform
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Tech Leaders/Data Scientists

  • We help software developers and data scientists like people to complete the Machine learning pipeline with interrupting their existing pipeline.
  • We provide all sort of services in a machine learning pipeline like Data annotation, data processing, Model building and many more.
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Why Predictly?

What do We Offer?

with Predictly

Creating end-to-end ML Solutions.

  • The complexity of the machine learning pipeline often leads to situations where the trained model doesn’t make it to production level. What you need to do is to have an optimized workflow of the Machine learning pipeline to manage and deploy at scale.


  • Predictly ML Ops offers exactly what you need to build the most efficient machine learning solution and help in deploying it in production.

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Build Annotated Datasets with no Hassle.

  • Many machine learning projects lack an annotated dataset for their model which leads to bad accuracy of the trained model. Many public data don’t solve specific purposes and annotating data with limited resources is time consuming


  • Predictly helps you with it’s fully managed Data annotation platform which enables you to get well annotated datasets easily. Predictly data annotation platform is highly managed, secure and fast in labelling the data.

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